Female Pattern Hair Loss & Hair Transplants

Hair loss in women affects them psychologically needs careful treatment to get back the original look and appeal. The hair transplant is the answer for all types of the baldness issue no matter by which grade or to what extent you got affected, it needs the permanent and the best solution and thus the restoration treatment gained their appeal and acceptance in the cosmetic surgery world. As we all know, that the pattern hair loss affects both men and women and it is more common in men, but women also got affected by the genetic baldness or the Androgenic alopecia. There is a huge psychological impact on women’s thinking and perception when she received the sign of alopecia. It is not culturally accepted nor sexually appealing to receive hair loss in women, however, it is a major issue of concern and women look for the effective and the best treatment to sort out the problem. Women affected by the hair loss explore the option to sort out the issue; hence the hair transplant in Mumbai gaining the popularity as a number of females received it to enhance her looks and beauty. The hair transplant cost in Mumbai comes under the creamy cost principle decided by the clinic’s name, facilities maintained by the clinic as well as the reputation of the surgeon.

The women patter hair loss is rated on the Ludwig scale, which has 5 categories described below:

  1. Type 1: Generalized thinning would be appearing in the front and crown vertex areas. The hair loss in women is more common with the sign of hair thinning rather than the frank baldness; however, every small change takes attention to categorize them in a certain category.
  2. Type 2: This grade of Ludwig hair loss would be defined with global diffuse thinning rather than the frank baldness. The hair thinning can be seen throughout the scalp and focal areas of alopecia do not predominate.
  3. Type 3: Frontal temporal recession can be seen with this grade that is changed from mild to severe state needs the surgical restoration to correct the problem. This is a severe state of women pattern hair loss and generally needs the hair transplant procedure.
  4. Type 4: The scarring alopecia in females is categorized under type 4 hair loss. It occurs due to the autoimmune disease or traumatic scarring, surgical or manipulative process. It needs medications and the surgical procedure can also be done to get over the issue effectively. Some of the alopecia that comes under the Type 4 hair loss, includes, the spot baldness (Alopecia areata), Traction alopecia, Trichotillomania, and injuries or burn.
  5. Type 5: The type 5 hair loss is usually not amenable to surgical restoration and medications can be allowed to address the issue. The case of Telogen effluvium comes in this category and the hair loss occurs due to the most prime cause of the stress and mental tension that are traumatic. The type 5 doesn’t ask for the surgical restoration, hence medications or therapy can be allowed to address the hair loss issue.

The Hair Transplant procedure in women

The hair transplant in women is all cosmetically accepted as it helps in enhancing the natural looks and appeal. The hair transplant procedure needs extreme care, precision, perfection and understanding to do it perfectly as it is a sophisticated kind of cosmetic surgery that covers 60% of artistic skill and 40% of surgical perfection. The hair transplant females are all same that of the men, but are different with the perspective of the hairline, making as it has a discrete pattern in both the genders.


The hair transplant procedure in women is a bit different from the male in the context of hairline design and aesthetic balance. The performing surgeon must have an in-depth understanding, skills, and knowledge in order to perform the surgery with the best cosmetic results.