How to choose medical insurance in the United States

Unlike in China, everyone in the United States has to pay for their own health care. Except for a small number of low-income U.S. citizens or permanent residents, the U.S. government does not subsidize health care for people who cannot afford it. Health care in the United States is very expensive, and going to the dentist in the United States (also known as美国看牙医) can literally put you in financial trouble. The cost of vaccinating for international students(also known as留学生疫苗接种) is also high. Therefore, international students must buy health insurance to prevent an accident.

If an international student intends to immigrate before going abroad, the most common way is to consult an immigration lawyer (also known as移民律师) about the green card schedule (also known as绿卡排期) and the insurance for international students (also known as留学生保险).

They usually tell you that health insurance is a must in the United States. How to choose medical insurance?

The first is to understand the burden of medical insurance premiums. This is the medical insurance premium that points to policy-holder to want to pay. Of course, insurance premium is not jumped over lower, you must consider the regulation such as insurance compensation pays and other limitation condition. In general, plans with lower premiums also have lower reimbursement payments and may have more restrictive conditions. The second is to understand the credibility of health insurance companies. To buy health insurance, you should be sure to find a health insurance company with a good service record. The credibility of the insurance company, can be to the school of foreign student consultants or students in school to ask, Huhu insurance (also known as虎虎保险) is a good choice, its reputation among international students can be said to be very good. The third, you should understand highest insurance to pay amount. This is the maximum amount that a health insurance company can pay for an insured person’s medical expenses. Usually, American insurance companies have a ceiling on the amount an insured person can pay for medical expenses.