What You Need To Look In Collagen Powder Supplement

Collagen supplement, without doubt, is a trending ingredient at the moment. Different people use it for different reasons, as some will use it for beauty features and others for health-boosting properties. However, the main question is whether there are different kinds of collagen and whether some are superior to others. Besides, it is also essential to buy amazon collagen powder from a reputable vendor and therefore a guaranteed quality.

However, collagen is an abundant protein available in your body. So, when you will go buying collagen, you will be buying amino acids that will help to build your bones, muscles, skin, hair, cartilage and connective tissues.

You will find that your level of collagen production in your body will start declining as you start aging. It, therefore, means that your level of collagen will decrease and therefore prone to dry skin and wrinkles. Besides, you might also have ailments in your joints and bones.

Food Sources Having Collagen

The main source of collagen is animals’ connective tissues and therefore pork skin, chicken skin, fish and beef are the best source of collagen.

It is also available in those foods that are rich in gelatin like bone broth. For gelatin, it is an essential protein substance that comes from collagen after cooking it.

It is not yet clear whether you can increase the level of collagen in your body through the consumption of food rich in collagen. For extracted collagen, it is then hydrolyzed such that it becomes readily available for absorption in the body than when in food.

Types of Collagen

There are 28 types of collagen that you should know about but the most important and available on labels are four types. The terminologies are not something that should make you worried because what is indicated in the label is still the same protein. So, after you consume collagen, you will be rebuilding it in your body and mostly not the specific type.

Here are the four types of collagen that you should know:

  • Type I: It is the type of collagen that contains 90 percent of the body collagen. Moreover, it also contains packed fiber. It also provides structures to your skin, tendons, fibrous cartilage, teeth, connective tissue, and bones.
  • Type II: It is a type of collagen containing lose packed fibers. It is available in elastic cartilage that cushions the joints.
  • Type III: it is a type of collagen that supports the structure of bones, arteries, and muscles. It is, therefore, an essential type of collagen.
  • Type IV: if you are looking for collagen that will help with filtration, it is this type. It is also readily available in layers of animal skins.

Side Effects of Using Collagen

Today, there are no known health risks of using collagen supplements. Besides, you will find that some supplements come from allergens like eggs, shellfish, and fish. For people having allergies, they should ensure that they have avoided collagen supplements that are extracted from such foods. It will help them avoid allergic reactions.